Espress(o) Questions with Women of Meron: Szintia from Meron Satu Mare


Here’s to our amazing #womenofmeron, doing their job flawlessly and being noticed. Today we want you to meet another women that proudly shares her passion for specialty coffee.
Take a coffee and savour it while reading our interview with Szintia from #MeronSatuMare barista team.
Espress(o) Questions, An express interview with our #peopleofmeron behind the bar, that you can read just as fast as it takes to extract an espresso. Enjoy!


1. Age: 23


2. How long have you been in the specialty coffee industry?
2 years and 4 months


3. 3 attributes that describe you as a human being
Honest, skilful, bold


4. 3 attributes that describe you as a barista
Perspicacious, perfectionist, I want everything to be perfect down to the last detail and ambitious, I don’t give up until everything goes well.


5.Top 3 favorite verbs that talk about you
To feel, to love, to be


6. The natural talent you are gifted with is:
My intuition


7. I would love to learn to …


8. What is the nicest compliment you have received as a barista?
An older lady told me that I reminded her of her youth. Only in his youth had she drunk such a good coffee, she said. ‘You’ve prepared me the best coffee and now my day feels better’, she added.


9. Espresso or Pour Over


10. What is non-negotiable when it comes to brewing coffee?
The recipes.


11. Funniest request from a guest was…
‘I would like a cappuccino without milk.’


12. When you’re not a barista, you are…
A good friend, a 10 grade daughter, an amazing girlfriend.


13. What would you like people to understand better about what it means to be a barista?
I would like them to understand that we’re not only pushing a button and extract the coffee. As baristas we go through a constant process of learning and evaluation in order to prepare a coffee that our guests love.


14. When and where are you the happiest?
When I travel.