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Espress(o) Questions with Women of Meron: Mihaela from Meron Cismigiu


This month we want to present you the Women of Meron as a sign of appreciation for the beautiful ladies that take care of us and our coffee.
So here read this Espress(o) Questions – An express interview with our people behind the bar, that you can read just as fast as it takes to extract an espresso. Today’s guest is Mihaela from Meron Cișmigiu. Please enjoy!

Women of Meron: Mihaela from Meron Cișmigiu

1. Age: 30


2. For how long have you been in the specialty coffee industry?
3 and a half years


3. 3 attributes that describe you as a human being:
Sincere, positive, ambitious


4. 3 attributes that describe you as a barista
Responsible, kind, careful to details


5. Top 3 favorite verbs that talk about you
To learn, to help, to coordinate


6. I’m very good at:
Even in the chaos, it’s easy for me to put things in order.


7. I would love to learn to …
To enhance my artistic side.


8. What is the nicest compliment you have received as a barista?
Besides the compliments about the coffee, someone also complimented my eyes. And in these times, when the guests can only see my eyes, it feels nice.


9. Espresso or Pour Over


10. What is non-negotiable when it comes to brewing coffee?
To extract something other than a perfectly calibrated espresso.


11. Funniest request from a guest was…
Two espressos in one, but not double.


12. When you’re not a barista, you are…
When I’m not a barista I’m the guest of other coffee shops. Coffee trips are my specialty.


13. What would you like people to understand better about what it means to be a barista?
I would like them to understand what we do is a real job and to practice it properly we are in a continuous learning process.