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Espress(o) Questions with Women of Meron: Andreea from Meron Alecsandri


Every day is a great day to celebrate the amazing #WomenOfMeron in our life, but this month gives us an extra reason to do that.
Today we want you to meet another dear woman behind the bar through Espress(o) Questions, this express interview with our #peopleofmeron behind the bar, that you can read just as fast as it takes to extract an espresso. Our guest: Andreea Zurbau from #MeronAlecsandri. Enjoy!


1. Age: 22


2. For how long have you been in the specialty coffee industry?
1 year and 8 months


3. 3 attributes that describe you as a human being:
Empathetic, optimistic, friendly


3. 3 attributes that describe you as a barista
Communicative, passionate, skillful


4. Top 3 favorite verbs that talk about you
To know, to discover, to give


5. I’m very good at:
Whatever I do, I do it with passion. I get excited and I focus on what I have to do in order to do it perfectly.


6. I would love to learn to …
I do anything, I always like to discover new passions and try everything. 🙂 


7. What is the nicest compliment you have received as a barista?
It’s a nice compliment whenever I bring a coffee to our guests and they appreciate how coffee tastes and looks.


8. Espresso or Pour Over
I like both equally: D


9. What is non-negotiable when it comes to brewing coffee?
Everything about the quality of the product served, you already know #neverdrinkbadcoffee


10. Funniest request from a guest was…
-What milk do you have besides cow’s milk?
-What animal is that? :))


11. When you’re not a barista, you are…
I’m the same Andreea, the same person who is just as smiling and passionate, but besides my interest in specialty coffee, I’m also passionate about psychology and music.


12. What would you like people to understand better about what it means to be a barista?
I believe that being a barista does not only mean brewing and serving specialty coffee. We put a part of our soul and our involvement, we learn every day something new about the specialty coffee industry and all of these because we want to give our guests a quality experience 🙂