COSTA RICA ROBELO FAMILY | Specialty Coffee Roasted at Meron



Explore the tasting notes of a single origin specialty coffee sourced from Costa Rica freshly roasted in our coffee lab, at Meron Roastery. Here is some cool info about the coffee and the farm.


About the farm/farmer

Aquiares, one of the largest and most historic coffee farms in Costa Rica, is located on the fertile slopes of the Turrialba volcano. Continuously producing coffee for over a century, the farm has developed a sustainable model for growing high-quality Arabica coffee, protecting a stunning natural setting and supporting a thriving local community of 1,800 people.


Located between the Aquiares and Turrialba rivers, “Aquiares” means “land between the rivers” in the indigenous Huetar language of Costa Rica. The region where the farm is located was the center of this pre-Columbian civilization and occasionally ancient artifacts are found among the coffee trees. In fact, the Guayabo National Monument, the most important indigenous settlement in Costa Rica, is only 5 km away.


The land of Aquiares is blessed with a multitude of clean water sources and even provides drinking water for three communities. The coffee plots are interspersed with natural springs and countless rivers, all protected by forested buffer zones.


Take a look at the cup profile:

Country of origin: Costa Rica

Farm/Farmer: Aquiares Estate/Robelo Family

Region: Turrialba

Varieties: Obata

Elevation: 1,100 – 1,400 m

Proc. Method: NaturalĀ 

Tasting notes: wine, black cherries, plums, molasses, cocoa


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