COSTA RICA FINCA SEBASTIAN | Specialty Coffee Roasted at Meron



Explore the tasting notes of a single origin specialty coffee sourced from Costa Rica freshly roasted in our coffee lab, at Meron Roastery. Here is some cool info about the coffee and the farm.


The farm/farmer

Fernando is an agronomic engineer and grows new F-1 hybrid coffee varieties. They were developed by recognized coffee research organizations around the world, including World Coffee Research, with the intention of enriching genetic diversity. These varieties are stronger against climate change and plant diseases compared to their local counterparts and have higher production yield.

Angie recently acquired her Q-grader certification. Her tasting skills and dedication lead to continuous improvement in the quality of the coffee they produce.


About the coffee

Located in the Llano Bonito of Naranjo, Costa Rica’s West Valley, the plantation is recognized for its specialty coffee production. It has 100% F1 Hybrid varieties, which have been developed through specific processes to bring out the natural flavors of the coffee. This origin has a medium-low acidity and a light roast.


Take a look at the cup profile:

Country of origin: Costa Rica

Farm: Finca Sebastian

Farmer: Fernando and Angie

Elevation: 1,800 m

Proc. Method: Natural Dried

Region: Llano Bonito of Naranjo

Variety: F1-hybrid

Tasting notes: white wine, berries, dried fruits, hazelnuts


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