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Cool down, shivers up, cold brew


This summer is yours and the cold brew is a must to keep you awake, cool, and energized to do everything you want to.

Before starting that wild night or long road trip, or if you are just in need of something fresh to recover from the “hard working” session, you’d better pass by! We have the most delicious five cold brews you will ever taste.


Starting with the classics and simplicity is beauty, clichés don’t really feature us. So, if you want to feel like you run the world, one simple Cold Brew is the best fit for you.

If you have an excitedly spirit, our recommendation for you is Cold Brew Tonic, the calm before the storm, the perfect mix between one perfectly extracted cold brew and tonic water.

For those who enjoy their coffees mild and balanced, Cold Brew Latte should be your summer favorite. The right amount of milk, enough to make you love the combination and make your days brighter.

Are you a party starter? This recipe was design in our laboratory for you. The right energy dose from cold brew, combined with the refreshing lemon taste. No bad days, no bad vibes, only one Cold Brew Lemonade to wake up all of your sleepy senses.

We love summer so much that we have basically no limits when it comes to summer drinks. Thereby, we introduce you the Summer V60! An explosion of tastes discovered in the V60 server, beautifully matched with frozen fruits. The reason gods still walk on earth from time to time.

So, have you already decided which one is your favorite?

If not, it’s a must to try them all and choose your beloved wisely!