COLOMBIA EL VERGEL STRABERRY | Specialty Coffee Roasted at Meron



Explore the tasting notes of a single origin specialty coffee sourced from Colombia freshly roasted in our coffee lab, at Meron Roastery. Here is some cool info about the coffee and the farm.

About the coffee

This coffees are processed with a pre fermentation of 24 hours in plastic bag, followed by 24 hours in cherry aerobically to be then depulped and ferment with fruits that have been dehydrated and grounded to have a higher concentration of flavours during 5 days anaerobically, and dried for 10 days mechanically with a stall of 5 days to promote a higher retention of flavours.


Take a look at the cup profile:

Country of origin: Colombia

Farmer/Farm: Elias & Shady Bayter/El Vergel

Region: Tolima

Varieties: Mixed

Elevation: 1400-1600m

Proc. Method: Natural Anaerobic / Double Fermentation + Strawberry

Tasting notes: Strawberry, Cherry, Pomegranate, Guava


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