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Ciao, World of Coffee Milan!


Since the early stages of Meron, we have been meticulously finding excellent origins, constantly learning, and creating a team that works day after day after day to bring only the finest of what specialty coffee has to offer. We indeed brought a small part of our own world to World Of Coffee in Milan from the 23rd to the 25th of June, so the days prior to this have been filled with meetings concerning origins selection, roasting, cupping, and brewing, packaging, and shipping. We’ve left Romania full of emotions since Cristi and Damian were about to represent Romania as “National Latte Art Champion” and “National Cup Tasting Champion” for this event. This type of competition requires a lot of dedication, discipline, and rigorous training, and our teammates definitely exceeded our expectations. We cheered for them through the competition and we are more than proud to have them on our team!

Calin, Bicu, Robert and Anastasia did an incredible job showing off their brewing skills on pour-over and espresso. Our amazing origins were definitely handled with care: 

Ethiopia Daye Bensanatural anaerobic processing and tasting notes of white flowers, melon, green apple and honey;

Brazilia Fazenda Guariroba – double anaerobic fermentation with quince, cedar, white grapefruit, brown sugar tasting notes

Colombia Diego Samuel – a thermal shock fermentation with hibiscus, red plums, blood orange, nectarine and berry candy tasting notes;

Mexic Aldama  honey processing method with cranberry, raisin, wine and maple syrup tasting notes.

Colombia El Obrajea washed processing method with orange blossom, starfruits, tangerine, white chocolate and vanilla tasting notes

Colombia La Mariaanaerobic washed processing with red currant, clove, cocoa, caramel tasting notes.The pleasure was on us while hosting the Bar Takeovers with so many charismatic coffee experts from the industry. We had a great time with Luis from Finca Llamadas who poured over Finca Guacobia Pink Bourbon, a high quality micro lot from Finca Guacobia with a processing method of 400h low temperature anaerobic fermentation.  We had more takeover sessions with guests that amazed us with their coffees and knowledge: Coco from Lerida Coffee Estate, Wilford from Lamastus Family Estates, Jorje from Inmaculada Coffee Farms. All of them were simply amazing behind the bar, exchanging infos with our crew and having a great time!

From the first minute to the last, we brewed our greatest and most well-known origins. Milan fell in love with El Obraje, a washed Geisha from Colombia that we simply adore. Special thanks to everyone who stood behind the bar and brewed our origins to perfection.

We proudly represented the Romanian specialty coffee industry along with other industry mates and we enjoyed every second of it.


Until we meet again, we will

Keep Roasting light & staying bold.

PS: Many thanks to our partner ATP Group  for taking us there safely