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Meron Wellnes Initiative on Instagram: #WhatFillsYourCup

Today, January 18th, is claimed to be the most depressing…

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Meron Coffee Shops & Online Shop Holiday Schedule

Holidays are for spending time with your loved ones. These…

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5 ani de Meron în Romania

Luna aceasta sărbătorim 5 ani de activitate în România, ca…

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Ana & Rebeka’s initiative, turned into a delicious in-house project

Our Ana is young, smart and witty. A hard working…

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Votul tau espresso-ul nostru: despre spirit civic

Oricât de nesigură este situația actuală, „Votul tău, espressoul nostru”…

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Morning coffee together at Legal Accelerators

Specialty coffee nowadays has developed to the point that it…

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#FallWinterSpecials, our way of embracing the cold season

#PictureThis ... is our way of giving you a free…

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10k #peopleofmeron on Instagram | Milestones are not about us, are about you

You, the one reading this and me, and me, the…

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Meron Brasov: We Opened a New Coffee Shop

This year was an atypical one for us, but we…

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Lantul de cafenele de specialitate Meron, infiintat la Cluj, deschide saptamana aceasta noua locatie la Brasov

Lantul de cafenele Meron, fondat de Bogdan Ciocian in Cluj…

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International Coffee Day: Coffee trip at our neighbours

Dear coffee lover, Please let us start with a fact:…

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Meron pentru comunitate: Votul tău, espressoul nostru

Pentru noi cafeaua de specialitate este despre evoluție și învățare…

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Meron Coffee Masters: Regulament

Ne este dor de competițiile naționale și internaționale de cafea…

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#SummerBites project: Six weeks of chill music, special cocktails & social responsability

We got it, it was a tough summer for all…

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Journey of the senses: Ethiopia | Tasting Session @Meron Alecsandri

Calling all barista, roasters, owners and coffee connoisseurs! Let`s end…

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Meron Cismigiu: The building from the so called “Broadway” of Bucharest

Our brand is a balanced mix of coolness and dynamism, but…

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Probatone 25: New roasting equipment at Meron Roastery

We are proudly presenting you the latest acquisition that entered…

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Cup Of Excellence: What It Is and How It Affects The Specialty Coffee Industry?

Have you ever read about a coffee that was awarded…

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Meron Faces: The Story Behind

If you entered at least once in our locations, it's…

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Panama Coffee & Gesha Experience: From Cherry To Cup

If in previous editions we told you about countries that…