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Bonjour, nos amis! – Paris Cafe Festival 2022


This year’s edition of Paris Cafe Festival was held between 14th-16th of May 2022 at Centquatre and we were completely impressed by its intimacy and energy. We brought our most exquisite origins to display and looked forward with excitement to what was about to come.

On the first day we got the chance to take over the Brew Bar for one hour and, of course, we brought our own coffees. After a long first day of brewing and  intense coffee conversations, we were once again grateful for the magic this industry has to offer. A bohemian vibe, paired with the scent of freshly roasted coffee beans, unique people and lots of smiles mixed with curious chatting. This is how the perfect recipe for Paris Cafe Festival looked like.
This edition, we decided to exhibit:
Colombia La Gabriela – a naturally processed origin with raspberry, nutmeg, peanuts and gingerbread tasting notes;
Ethiopia Daye Bensa – natural anaerobic processing and tasting notes of white flowers, melon, green apple and honey;
Colombia Diego Samuel – a thermal shock fermentation and hibiscus, red plums, blood orange, nectarine and berry candy tasting notes;
Colombia La Maria – anaerobic washed processing with red currant, clove, cocoa, caramel tasting notes.
Colombia El Obraje – a washed processing method with orange blossom, starfruits, tangerine, white chocolate and vanilla tasting notes.
Burundi Nemba – natural processing method and blueberry jam, dehydrated pear, black tea and toffee tasting notes.
Colombia Llamadas – natural processing method with eucalyptus, figs, dark cherry, tropical fruits and chocolate truffles tasting notes.
Mexic Aldama – honey processing method and cranberry, raisin, wine and maple syrup tasting notes.

Another chapter has come to an end, we left in Paris a little bit of our soul, but took with us memories that are more than words could ever describe.

Each coffee festival has its own mood, gathering people with unique experiences that are ready to be told, driven by the same passion and thankful to be part of such an amazing community.

Our team wandered the streets of Paris, getting inspired by the culture and architecture, while sipping extraordinary coffee origins and we couldn’t wait for their stories!


Jusqu’à la prochaine fois, Paris Cafe Festival!