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Bienvenidos a Guatemala!


From Panamá to Guatemala. After 6 days of visiting coffee farms in Panama, our team headed to Guatemala, for new experiences.

PRF Guatemala 2024 was the first event on our list to attend.

Our team joined the Producer & Roaster Forum on March 7-8, 2024. They tasted a variety of coffees from the diverse offerings of the Central American regions, and some of these selections will soon be available in all our Meron Coffee Shops.

But it wasn’t just about the coffee – the team cultivated strong and lasting relationships with the producers and roasters, caught up with familiar faces, and built new relationships – a complete experience, filled with flavors and camaraderie.

And where did all this awesomeness happen? None other than the Anacafé headquarters in Guatemala City. Each Producer Roaster Forum event focuses on one origin country, aiming to unite local producers with industry leaders and coffee professionals from around the world.

The following day the team stepped into the world of BICAFE, where tradition meets innovation at their processing station. Bicafe Guatemala, with its rich heritage, extending across generations, is not just an exporter of Guatemalan coffees but also a testament to passion and dedication.

The highlights of our team’s day included:

  • Experiencing the essence of their facility.
  • Cupping their exceptional varieties of coffees.
  • Selecting the coffees that will soon be available in all our Meron Coffee Shops.

The joy is undeniable. Coffee presents opportunities for us to explore places like this and meet individuals like Raul Rodas, who boasts an impressive track record of titles won over the years.

As we reflect on our time in Guatemala, we’re reminded that the best experiences are those that stay with us long after the journey ends.