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Ana & Rebeka’s initiative, turned into a delicious in-house project


Our Ana is young, smart and witty. A hard working girl from Republic of Moldova, with a smile on her face and a appetite for sweet projects. She is part of the operational department and in charge with developing our menus, from new entries to savory experiments in our kitchen.

We knew she had a passion for sweets and we were used to get spoiled by her in the morning with freshly baked cinnamon rolls, creamy tiramisu or warm chocolaty cookies. We also knew that one of her early dreams was to become a pastry chef and follow the Kitchen academy. But even if she would become one, she thinks she would lose the joy of baking if it would be a daily thing, a way of living. But she never gave up on that dream and found a way to explore here, at Meron.

This is Ana. Her Pinterest board is full of boards of plating inspiration, she knows how to make a kale taste delicious and what’s the perfect spice mix for a great carrot bread. She finds joy in the little things, she has a plant based diet brought to the office in a textile bag, she want to save every tree and cute animal on this planet.




Team’s initiative turned into an in-house project

From the beginning of her journey in Meron, she says she’s grateful for all the things she learned from Rebeka (manager at Meron VIVO & Platinia). She found in Rebeka a mentor that trusted and guided her, from behind the bar to our operational team.

They make a great team together and their passion for cooking has found its playground: In-house pastry at Meron Platinia.  For few weeks they tested with our cooks a bunch of recipes of cookies, brownies and sweet breads. In the end, they proudly presented us the results. Oh, my! People from our Head Quarters were trilled to taste them all, to make a ranking of their favorites and to choose the finals. 


Let’s meet the finalists:

Chocolate cookie:

Fudgy Brownie:

Carrot Bread with cream cheese:

Banana bread:

We loved the result and our customers too. It’s a great joy that you love it because it’s a project in which our girls put their passion and only the best ingredients. Please don’t believe us, taste it now! Available at #MeronPlatinia and ready for delivery on Foodpanda or Glovo.