3 ways for coffee lovers to rock this November


November might seem like the gloomiest month of the year: no sun and iced coffee, nor Christmas lights and Frank Sinatra. However, despite of the November blues and moody weather there are a lot of interesting things a coffee lover can do in a month with no fun stuff agenda.

  • Watch some TedX conferences

In order to keep yourself inspired and creative, you have to feed your brain with ideas. This time we invite you to join us at TedX Timisoara on 17th of November. The Meron team will be there to boost everyone’s energy with the best freshly grinded coffee from Cluj-Napoca.

  • Reconnect with your childhood friends

The times when you were playing hide and seek all day long are gone and now both of you have busy schedules and endless to do lists. We know that making time for a coffee might be a real challenge during a busy period, but your friendship it’s worth it. Moreover, a Kalita shared with an old friend might be the dose of energy you need to rock the day.

  • Take a day out of office

We know there’s an endless love story between you and your office coffee mug, but sometimes the best way to think outside the box is to physically step outside the box. We invite you to enjoy your Kalita in your favourite Meron spot, or, why not, on one of our terraces. In fact, Kalita brewed coffee allows you to recognize more and more notes as it gets colder. Relax, breathe and take a sip of your specialty coffee.

They say November is the gloomiest month. We say it’s just perfect for spending some time by yourself and of course, with your dear ones. All this while drinking an exquisite, single origin specialty coffee, freshly brewed with Kalita. To find out more about Kalita, also read this blog post.