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18th location opening: #MeronAlbaIulia


Alba Iulia is a destination to be visited for its history, culture, architecture and nature. It has a multitude of architectural styles: Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque. The Citadel has seen spectacular transformations in recent years, becoming more and more visible on Europe’s tourist map. The restoration of the citadel have also taken into account to valorize its exceptional cultural heritage.

Outside the citadel, Alba Iulia is a busy, sprawling place, a smart city with a lot of business opportunities. It’s a worthy stop if you’re travelling from Sibiu towards the castles of Deva and Hunedoara, or up to Cluj-Napoca and the Apuseni Mountains.

So today we are sharing with you one more reason to want to visit Alba Iulia even more: We just opened our newest coffee shop in the heart of the Alba Iulia City on the no. 1, Tudor Vladimirescu Street. Make sure you pay us a visit when you’re around. 

Our decision of expansion in Alba Iulia comes as a strategy of consolidating the brand on the Transylvanian market. The structure of the city goes beyond encouraging tourism. Today, Alba Iulia is leading the smart city movement in Romania and this aspect has been boosting its attractiveness to tourism for business as well as pleasure.


The Specialty Coffee we invite you to taste at Meron Alba Iulia has everything a coffee lover would look for: A floral and fruity Ethiopia Ye Genet on espresso for the ones who look for acidity and complex tasting notes like oranges, lemon, rose hips and a delicious India with tasting notes like green tea, apricots and grapefruit. On brew we have a very nice microlot from Colombia, Delagua Coffee Paradise Farm.


Florin, Thomas & the team, welcome to the family! Meet our team: Paul, Florin, Daniela, Fivi, Thomas & Robert. ?

They are very happy and very well trained to brew you our specialty coffee roasted in Transylvania.

Join us for a complete specialty coffee experience on our terrace or to go.

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