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10k #peopleofmeron on Instagram | Milestones are not about us, are about you


You, the one reading this and me, and me, the one behind the keyboard, are on the same journey with 9,998 other people. And together, we are part of the #peopleofmeron Community. What did it took to get here? More than 4 years of passion for coffee, constant commitment and a lot of memories to throw back to. So we decided to celebrate this milestone through your eyes. See the whole journey in the following article! 😀

Constant development of the people that brighten up your mornings: Our Baristas

Sometimes, our baristas are the first hoomans (your pet counts as well, but you might go back to bed for a short nap and those emails won’t solve themselves ? ) you interact with at the beginning of the day. So how would you feel if your day starts grumpy, with a coffee that is too hot or too cold or, even worst with bad attitude towards you? We know. That’s why we are friendly and communicative, that’s why we are always willing to share with you our knowledge about coffee and what suits you best.

Our baristas are guided through constant training and development by our training team: Delia, Alina, Cristi, Dorin & Bogdan. ?

No matter the skill: latte art, recipe adjustments, brew, coffee chemistry, cupping, customer approach – everything can be improved. So where there is a will, there is a way. From new entries, to gray apron baristas – we lift each other up in order to obtain the best results in your cup. And smiles on your face, ofc.



Trust is earned and it’s delivered sip by sip

From the roaster to the people behind the Instagram account, managers and baristas, we try to measure our effectiveness. This is how we can measure the educational improvement of specialty coffee consumers: throughout your curiosities, your feedback and suggestions, your appreciation, your tags and mentions on Instagram every time you step in and your enthusiasm when we share our good.

“Fidelity and good quality engagement shows progress.”

We think that every brand has to have a Corina like ours, that always takes the time to answer customer’s messages and curiosities. That puts herself into the shoes of the person drinking the coffee and at the same time, of the business. That understands how important it is to explain what it took to extract that espresso, what origin fits best for your home made brew and how to adjust your recipes. So, if you ever asked us something, now you know that she was there for you, every single time.

Our DECAMERON through your eyes

We warmly share our story to the curious customers that wish to find more about Meron, bringing them along in the world of coffee. We cherish each and every one of you that want to know the process behind the cup.

We are not perfect and we do not pretend to know it all, buuuut the passion for specialty coffee and the community we gather around it brought us here. Imagine what can we do next 😀

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