Discover the coffee-flavored stories of #peopleofmeron

They are the people you see daily at Meron. Sometimes they enjoy their coffee peacefully, while reading or working on their laptops. Sometimes they are surrounded by groups of noisy peers. They are the people to know about fashion, are close friends with technology, they have good music tastes and are in touch with the most recent urban trends. They are creative, funny, curious and sociable, they are the people that make things happen. But the most important, they regard coffee they drink is part of their identity.

We wanted to get a short glimpse into their lives, and trespass the regular border between brand and customer to find out who they are and what are they like. So we started discovering them progressively: the hipster reading a book, the business woman clearing her thoughts before the status meeting, the morning student heading for classes, the social media addict taking pictures of his coffee, were just some of a few amazing people that have interesting backgrounds and social status.

To find out their stories, we had an ongoing event, with good music and drinks to bring them together. Some time in advance, Meron decided to offer its daily clients something in return, let’s call it a small sign of gratitude for allowing us to be a small part of their success. We chose people from different places, from archives, from their brand-related social media activity. We even started a pole, to find out who are the most popular people. In the end, their stories will be shared and told on social media and in our coffee place.

Hopefully we will enforce a feeling already present, that they are part of a bigger picture and a cool family, the #peopleofmeron familiy.

Dopamine Tones @ Cluj-Napoca

We’re not the kind of people to just sit and sip their coffees quietly. You know it very well, so It was just a matter of time until we designed another event to get our people up and spinning.

Created to bring #peopleofmeron together, Dopamine tones will animate our cozy space on Napoca 3 and give the guests reasons to socialize, smile and have fun. The ones responsible with the tunes dosage will be DJ’s from Groove Salad, two young and irreverent artists that will guide your heartbeats through pop, trance and groove rhythms.

Prizes are at stake, as we will choose and share the stories of some of our usual visitors. Some of them have been already voted by you, on the event page, but Meron has its picks as well. They will receive small signs of attention from the brand.

Be at Dopamine tones and remember: we will be the ones to sparkle things up, but ending is up to you! So, let’s get overwhelmed by the joy of being together and have our minds and bodies immersed into the music vibrations.