Discover the origins of the coffee

Let’s trace back the long journey of our coffee to its places of origin, over seas and continents, to some of the wildest places on Earth! From the lagoons and jungles of Brazil to the heights of Kilimanjaro, on the mountain plateaus of Tanzania and Rwanda, each place imprints its distinct flavor, offering coffee a unique taste.

Our idea was to find out the story of a each cup of coffee and follow its story to the far corners of the world. So come over to Meron and let’s discover together the road that coffee undertakes to get to your cup.

Every cup of coffee brings a smile

How to better start your day than with that freaky smile of satisfaction that coffee gives you? You experience it every day. And it fits you perfectly. That’s why we designed new special yellow cups, to describe this particular state of mind, reminding people that significant moments happen every day with a simple smile.

So get your cup. Prepare your Instagram filters and show us what you’re made of! Post it on #peopleofmeron and let us capture together the positive and bright side of life!

Meron & Street Food Festival

For 4 days, between 7 and 10 of July, the smell of coffee took over the streets as we attended the Street Food Festival, a major display of culinary skills from the local brands, which took place in the vicinity of the Central Park in Cluj. As coffee and food go hand in hand, we were there to provide people that perfect doses of coffee and share the smiles we are known for.

Needless to say we have been under drum fire, working all the time, but our efforts came with a grand satisfaction, as we played our part in the festival atmosphere, where the cool vibes, sunny weather and of course, the good food combined to give people a memorable experience.
We enjoyed every second of it and we’re looking forward to repeating the story next year!